lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

A present for Mr Allende

Entamé esta traducción hai unos díes, porque m'apetecía ensin más, pero siendo güei el cumpleaños d'un de los mios poetes preferíos, bríndo-ylu equí pa si quier la casualidá que'l so xeniu vaiga aculló de les nuestres fronteres. Va por usté, maestru.


Is there anybody there?

Did you know that I used to be a genius?

Yes, a genius. Even as a child, at age three, I held three university degrees,

three diplomas in absolutely modern languages

and had written three –totally realistic- novels,

and three minor costumbrist plays.

A genius.

But I knew more, much more.

I perfected our cultural heritage until my own death.

I knew twenty-five different languages,

with their regional and local dialects
Depending on the juridical and administrative area they were found.

I knew how to say, for example, the word love in all those languages,

and also in Caucasian,Vegliot, Sardinian, Lappish and Aztec.

And Spanish, of course.

Besides, I knew a lot about specifically chemical subjects:

the atomic weight of all simple bodies, by heart,

the importance of a small amount of hydrogen in air for subsistence.

I proposed a study of acetylsalicylic and ribonucleic acid subtracting three ions of importance.

I was a genius.

I also drafted an intermediate philosophical system based on two preliminary axioms:

that “I am who I am”

and that “I am who I am not””.

And I demonstrated human materiality

and so I became thing:

I’ve been a ladder, an olive in Jaén, balandru in Llanes,

antimony, a rug, a rosary bead.

I’ve been Cocacola,

a rose of March, a Treasury bond, a picture, an aircraft carrier,

a 135-volt, 40-watt light bulb,

a nine-millimeter parabellum,

a waterfall.

I was a genius

And in spite of it, I worked and collaborated in a variety of trades:

I was everything and anything.

I was a telecommunications engineer with an inclination to lyrical poetry,

a drill operator in the mines of King Solomon,

a member of the literary circle La Tribu de la Hojalata,

the main character in a western film,

an air hostess, a salmon fisherman in Strömpfjord, a prostitute in Place Pigalle
a baker in the Yosi-Kimo commune,

the fifth wife of caliph Alí Ben Yusuf,

a clown.

I used to be a genius.

And now I’m a clown in my grave.

Miguel Allende (here's the original in Asturian Language)

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