domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Happy birthday Mr Suárez!

Un tributu al torbolín que tira de la vanguardia cultural n'Asturies (y de mi pa escribir y performar). Y amigu y compañeru, claro.


I didn't take famine
or spread the virus in the country of black children.

I didn't cut down the trees in Venezuela's virgin forests

or rape the fat-assed girls

or drive the tank that devastated the village

they lived in.

I didn't push the button to drop the bombs, either:

only number five on my remote control.

The system put a sofa between the floor and my fat ass

and the TV and I are minimal functives

in the most remote corner of structure.

Noun phrases, no verb.

Two nouns and some more indeterminate semes

in agreement.

The system owes me a chocolate bar
it definitely owes me information

about Real Madrid or the canine

birthday parties they throw in Korea

in their old aspiration to being

significantly relevant.

I am free from accusation: I am no verb.

Just the passive subject of a sentence uttered by another

At most.

Or an interjection: I'm a - oh bugger!

And I didn't kill Antonio Udina Burbur, the last

speaker of Dalmatian.

Only the mad speak to themselves.

I don't fit anywhere in this sentence.

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